Stan Rowland (Chair) Chairman, Tetiaroa Society
Richard Bailey President, Pacific Beachcomber
Teihotu Brando Brando family member; long-term resident of Tetiaroa
Costas Christ Editor and columnist for National Geographic Traveler; expert in sustainable tourism
Neil Davies Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee; Director, Gump South Pacific Research Station; Principal Investigator, Moorea Biocode Project
Mark Eddowes Archeologist
Cécile Gaspar President, Te Mana o te Moana; conservation biologist
Jean-Yves Meyer Research Mgt Officer, French Polynesia Research Department
Frank Murphy Associate Director – Scientific Operations, Gump Station
Teurumereariki Hinano Murphy President, Atitia Center; traditional knowledge expert
Serge Planes Principal research scientist at CRIOBE; expert in population genetics of marine fish
Philippe Raust Président, Société d’Ornithologie de Polynésie
James Russell Expert on island ecology and biosecurity with the University of Auckland
David Seeley Counsel to the Brando Estate/CEO, SA Frangipani
Hannah Stewart Marine biologist