About Our Ecostation


Our Ecostation is a dynamic and powerful tool in our mission to create sustainable interdependence. Designed and built to LEED Platinum standards, the Ecostation allows scientists to be inspired by Tetiaroa’s unique, natural environment while their work is integrated with it. The research conducted here serves as a living case study, where the lessons learned can be implemented locally and applied to places across the globe, creating a ripple effect of sustainability in action.

The Tetiaroa Society Ecostation is located on Motu Onetahi, one of the 12 islets of Tetiaroa. Located 33 miles north of Tahiti, French Polynesia, scientists and students can conduct research on coral reef ecosystems, archeology, birds, turtles and more.

The Ecostation was gifted to Tetiaroa Society from Pacific Beachcomber to fulfill the shared vision of sustainable interdependence.

The location of Tetiaroa allows immediate access to reef environments, archeological sites, brackish lakes and a direct access to deep ocean water at the Ecostation. Visitors have access to boats, kayaks, diving equipment (pre-booking required), seawater tables, aquarium and dry laboratory space, along with housing and meals.

Ecostation Features

Scientific facilities:

  • 75-square-meter wet lab plumbed with fresh water, surface seawater and deep ocean water, including an outdoor aquarium
  • 40-square-meter air-conditioned dry lab, with teaching capacity including workspaces and general lab equipment

Housing facilities:

  • Housing for up to 18 scientists and staff in five air-conditioned bedrooms
  • Meals are provided at The Brando staff cantina (The Brando is a five-star boutique hotel located on the same islet as the Tetiaroa Society Ecostation)

Like the entire complex built on Onetahi, the Ecostation’s electricity is generated by a combination of solar panels and coconut oil generators. The air conditioning is generated through the SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning) system.

A station manager will provide general assistance during the visit.

Tetiaroa is a remote atoll with a strict waste disposal policy. Please contact us regarding the rules for chemical disposal and equipment usage.

Scientific Visits

The Tetiaroa Society Ecostation is available to visiting scientists and students throughout the year. Scientists and students interested in conducting research at the Tetiaroa Society Ecostation should contact us at [email protected].

For more information on scientific visits, please refer to the Tetiaroa Scientific visit documentation.


Base Rate for International Researchers (must register through Gump Station):
Meals, lodging, lab use and wifi: $125/day
Boat transportation (Tahiti-Tetiaroa-Tahiti): $100 RT

Charge for French Polynesia Based Researchers:
Meals, lodging, lab use and wifi: $100/day
Boat transportation (Tahiti-Tetiaroa-Tahiti): $100 RT

The fee includes shared use of the Tetiaroa Society boat, which for most users must be driven by a Tetiaroa Society driver. Use of the boat is shared with other researchers and is subject to availability of the TS driver.  Those requiring dedicated and extended use of the boat, or wishing to drive it themselves, should contact Tetiaroa Society in advance of their visit. Dedicated use will usually entail an additional fee of $50 per half day.

Additional Fees:

  • Chemicals may be provided upon request prior to your visit but large quantities may require an additional fee
  • Scuba diving is available on site at an extra cost


Boat transportation departing from Tahiti is available for Tetiaroa Society Ecostation guests at $100 per round-trip (Tahiti-Tetiaroa-Tahiti). Domestic airplane transportation is available at an extra cost and is subject to availability.

Communication Policy

Tetiaroa Society asks that Ecostation visitors share with the public their stories about the exciting research and science taking place on the atoll. Please read the Tetiaroa Society Communications Policy for details.

For more information on the application process, please refer to the Research Applications page on this website.