A Springboard for Sustainable Interdependence


Education is a vital component of Tetiaroa Society’s mission. Schools based in French Polynesia as well as around the world are invited to participate in teaching programs that lead to a deeper understanding of sustainability in action, and an appreciation of local heritage.
To ignite the movement of sustainable interdependence, we need to develop inspired leaders. Our unique educational programs include teachings on the importance of sustainability and practical applications thereof, as well as hands-on creative science, and exposure to local culture and traditions.  Programs are offered to university students and school children from French Polynesia as well as internationally.  Immersive and experiential, these educational adventures lead to a deeper understanding of biodiversity, sustainability in action, as well as an appreciation of cultural heritage, and the natural beauty of tropical islands like Tetiaroa.

We look forward to hearing from schools, universities, and educational facilities near and far about how they’d like to be involved with Tetiaroa Society.