Tetiaroa Society is planning to build a Cultural Center on the island that will serve as a hub for the Education Program as well as for other outreach programs with the local community. Planned characteristics of the center are:

  • It will be designed as a Paumotu village using both traditional and modern material and technology. The Paumotu people are those that settled the Tuamotu Archipelago which is comprised entirely of atolls. Their material culture and villages were all made from what they had on these low and rugged islands. We envision that this cultural center will be designed to teach local and international students about how people lived (and live) on atolls. 

  • It will be designed for groups to live there for short stays for field courses and other outreach activities. It will therefore have simple sleeping facilities, a kitchen area, water storage, and toilets.

  • It will also be designed as an outdoor classroom, with both lecture space and areas to teach about plants, traditional medicine, voyaging, etc.

  • It will have staff quarters for a caretaker who would live there full-time.

Tetiaroa Society is actively raising funds for this facility, and will post the progress and plans as they unfold.