colors of the south pacific
Ngnahina on a snorkeling tour

Gnahina Moua



My name is Ngnahina MOUA and I’m back in Tetiaroa to be your naturalist guide. I used to work in Tetiaroa between 2017-2018.

Then I’ve spent 2 years studying a Master in Liège Belgium  about organisms’s Biology and Ecology. I came back to Tahiti in 2020 and voluntered for Tetiaroa society during 2 months. I’m really excited to be working again for the society which allows me to be at the forefront of insular conservation and science researches for sustainable development of the ocean.

This job brought me the possibility to work and stick to my passion, Science, and I will do my best to share with you, my love, knowledge and will to protect and care for the beautiful island of Tetiaroa.