We are not lacking in the dynamic forces needed to create the future.
We live immersed in a sea of energy beyond all comprehension.

                                        - Thomas Berry,  The Great Work

Unleashing the Ocean's Potential

Our oceans face extraordinary damage ranging from coral reef loss, ocean acidification, and overfishing to pollution from plastics and chemicals. Yet, intelligently managed oceans offer an exceptional opportunity to ecologically supply humanity with abundant energy, fresh water, nutritious food, and a stable climate. Science, technology, and innovation hold the keys to safeguarding our seas and wisely tapping the ocean’s potential. But to unlock these urgently needed solutions, we need immediate concerted action — an ocean innovation movement.


Island Earth | Ocean Innovation Summit

In support of this movement, we are assembling leaders from a variety of fields to join a sprint to unleash the ocean’s potential, culminating at a major summit in the heart of the Pacific in September 2020.

Island Earth | Ocean Innovation Summit will usher in the U.N.’s Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, drawing on the latest scientific research, new technologies, and best practices to showcase a curated portfolio of ocean innovations for support and investment. To collectively identify and develop these plans and projects we will:


a Stewards group that includes ocean advocates, business and government leaders, and experts from fields of science, engineering, and policy focused on achieving U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 14: “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.”


needs and opportunities to provide better energy, food, and resilient ecosystems for the ocean and freshwater interfaces worldwide through an intensive collaborative process that will result in an ocean sustainability innovation roadmap.


multiple action teams, inviting additional experts to help the Stewards develop strategies for creating and scaling the technologies, enterprises, and best practices identified in the roadmap.


the portfolio of ocean innovations developed through this process by securing the resources needed to put them into action.

island earth compass

Island Earth Compass, a new for-benefit development corporation will facilitate the work leading up the Summit and provide ongoing technical and research support, financial investment, and follow up.

With a mission to help realize the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, Island Earth Compass will be distinguished by its democratic Steward-guided programs, the ability to directly invest in and accelerate the development and deployment of programs, open and inclusive management of deal flow, use of island living laboratories, and ongoing organization of innovation summits.

At the Island Earth: Ocean Innovation Summit, engaged principals will finalize and implement action plans, review and celebrate the launch of the first portfolio of ocean impact initiatives, and seed the next round of innovation. Together, we will close the loop from ideas to regenerative solutions and establish a self-sustaining engine for ocean innovation.

Island Earth | Ocean Innovation Summit will be held onboard the MS Paul Gauguin in French Polynesia, with activities on the neighboring island of Moorea at the University of California’s Gump South Pacific Research Station and on Tetiaroa, the living laboratory where The Brando luxury environmental resort is located.