les couleurs de l'ocean pacifique

Rebecca Brando

My dad would often say to us kids, “Tetiaroa is like an open laboratory and I want scientists from around the world to come and study the wonders of Tetiaroa.”

Well, here we are. Thank you dad, thank you Tetiaroa for giving us the opportunity to learn, study, and to be a part of all that Tetiaroa has to teach us. I’m a proud mom of two great adult kids. I enjoy working as an EMDR psychotherapist in my private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I also love working with children and adolescents providing mental health care to underserved, economically stressed communities in Los Angeles. I received my BA from the University of Arizona, and my MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. My other passions and interests include collecting antique books and gem stones, spending time with family, and finding more ways to be attuned to nature in honor of my Dad’s passion.