We are not lacking in the dynamic forces needed to create the future.
We live immersed in a sea of energy beyond all comprehension.

                                        - Thomas Berry,  The Great Work

With the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, we target breakthrough solutions that combat climate change while protecting and conserving our oceans, leveraging their power to address some of the greatest challenges of our time - renewable energy, nutritious food supplies, clean drinking water, improved human health, flourishing biodiversity, and sustainable ocean economies.

A Compelling Need for Ocean Protection and Climate-Focused, Ocean-Based Innovation


The health of our oceans is critical. Oceans generate an astounding half of the world’s oxygen and absorb a quarter of its carbon dioxide emissions. Over three billion people depend on the oceans for their primary source of nutrition. The oceans’ goods and services generate about $2.5 trillion per year, equivalent to world’s seventh largest economy. Responsibly protected, restored, and managed oceans could reverse the buildup of carbon in our atmosphere and halt ocean biodiversity loss, while also sustainably supplying humanity with abundant energy, fresh water, nutritious food, improved health, and economic opportunity for those who depend on the blue economy. But unlocking these urgently needed solutions requires immediate concerted action - an ocean innovation movement.

sustainable technologies

Unlocking these urgently needed solutions requires immediate concerted action - an ocean innovation movement.

Accelerating an Ocean Innovation Movement

Supporting Transformative Innovation through Collective Intelligence and Collaborative Learning: The Blue Climate Initiative pairs world-class scientific research with bottom-up strategies for ocean innovation. Six Working Groups led by world-renowned experts and supported by a cross-cutting reference network, focus on six thematic tracks:

coral bleaching

The Energy and Marine Transportation Working Group focuses on the vast potential of the oceans to provide abundant renewable energy and explores opportunities for more environmentally responsible marine shipping, particularly with respect to greenhouse gases.

The Food and Nutrition Working Group focuses on ocean-based opportunities for food security and nutrition, the dangers of overfishing, and the importance of sustainable fishing practices.

coral tree project
aquapod - sustainable fish farming

The Health and Well-Being Working Group focuses on opportunities provided by the ocean to promote human health, the dangers of ocean pollution, and the threat of diseases linked to environmental change.

The Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions Working Group focuses on ecological restoration through nature-based solutions (including marine protected areas) that protect biodiversity while contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

retrieving ARMS
taking turtle measurements

The Mineral and Genetic Resources Working Group focuses on protecting the ocean’s unique and largely unknown genetic resources, which provide the opportunity for molecular solutions for a new bioeconomy (synthetic biology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical), and the threat posed by irresponsible seabed mining.

The Sustainable Tourism Working Group focuses on responsible tourism to support local economies and cultures while also providing a positive environmental and social impact through sustainable business practices, education and inspiration.


Blue Climate Summit


In August 2020 each Working Group will present a transformational opportunities paper presenting the best opportunities for impactful change in their respective focus areas.  After that a planning and piloting phase will engage stakeholders working to implement solutions. Detailed plans, programs and pilot projects will be presented at the Summit.

A High-Level Summit to Accelerate Impact: Building on the year-long effort of the Working Groups, the Blue Climate Summit will be held in mid-2021 in the heart of the Pacific, bringing together 300 scientists, engineers, environmentalists, community, business and emerging leaders, policymakers, conservationists and influencers to take action and help turn the dial.


Who we are: The Blue Climate Initiative is a collaborative bringing together individuals and organizations passionate about the ocean and striving to build a sustainable planet. Tetiaroa Society, a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, acts as the fiscal sponsor for this initiative and local host for the 2021 Blue Climate Summit.