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The general objective of our outreach program is to enable students to understand the complexities of the relationship between humans and the environment. We aim to guide students towards a greater appreciation of sustainable development and its direct relationship with bio-cultural diversity.
We use interdisciplinary, project-based… read more

UW research team

This week, the Eco Station is hosting a team of 4 scientists from the University of Washington until April 9th. Nicholas Roden, Alexande Gagnon, and Julians Sachs who are oceanographers and professors at the University of Washington as well as Daniel Anderson who is studying at that same University.

This program was started 2 years ago in Tetiaroa, the CENTRE OF ISLAND RESEARCH AND ENVIRONMENTAL OBSERVATORY (CRIOBE) has run the project with David Lecchini as Coordinator and Director of Studies. It aims at replenishing… read more

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