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The Pacific Island Parliament Group held their bi-annual meeting in Tahiti on September 10-11, bringing together the Speakers of Parliament from 16 different countries. The theme for discussions was the “Blue Economy” focusing on ocean and island resilience and sustainable fisheries. The conference was also a time to share information on programs to reduce carbon emissions and create marine protected areas.

After two days of work the group came to Tetiaroa on September 12th for a day trip to experience the Tetiaroa Model of sustainable tourism.

Hinano Murphy, Tetiaroa Society's Cultural Director, was honored to be invited to the United Nations for the UN World Oceans Day Symposium on June 7th. Hinano was invited as a storyteller to open the day-long symposium with a legend from Polynesia that would focus the upcoming presentations and discussions under the theme Gender and the Oceans. Hinano spoke of Ru and Hina, brother and sister Polynesian deities, that are part of an important creation myth that tells the story of them discovering the island homeland Hawaiki. Usually the story is told from Ru's point of view, but Hinano…

When a luxury hotel and non-profit share the same vision, everyone wins

Exploitation of resources. Degradation of habitat. Overconsumption. There are many reasons to feel guilty about travel these days. Here’s one way to make a difference and to feel good: travel with a purpose.

Working hand-in-hand with Tetiaroa Society, the eco-luxury hotel The Brando is committed to keeping Tetiaroa Atoll an ecological haven for the island’s native species, local Tahitians, and visitors.

TETIAROA ATOLL, FRENCH POLYNESIA (May, 2019) – Tetiaroa Atoll is one of those rare secluded places that serve as a refuge for nesting green sea turtles and a variety of seabird species, surrounded by a healthy and ecologically important coral reef and brilliant turquoise lagoon. 
Unfortunately, like other atolls around the globe, Tetiaroa and the coral reefs that support it are at serious risk due to the negative effects of climate change and resource misuse. But there is hope. Local nonprofits Tetiaroa Society and…

A recent 1,500 page U.N. report, the IPBES Global Assessment, delivered grim news for our world’s biodiversity on May 6. The most comprehensive assessment to date found over 1 million species are at risk of extinction and that the current global response is insufficient. The cause of this decline? Humans. We are altering the Earth so drastically that we are threatening the species and ecosystems we depend on for survival.

However, there is hope.


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