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The evidence is clear that coral reefs are under stress globally. It is also well known that ecosystems such as coral reefs are made up of thousands of component organisms that impact each other in complex ways.

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What's happening on Tetiaroa: research, conservation, education, and nature.

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Outside Magazine Contributing Editor Hampton Sides recently traveled to Tetiaroa and shares his experience in this article, “We had Marlon Brando’s Island Utopia to Ourselves.”

Sides dives into the atoll’s history as a destination for Tahitian royalty, explores Marlon Brando’s path to ownership, and interviews Tetiaroa Society Executive Director Frank Murphy about how together with The Brando we are fulfilling Marlon Brando’s vision for an ecologically thriving Tetiaroa.

“Brando’s obsession is our obsession…

University of Washington scientists working on Tetiaroa Atoll discovered a cost-efficient, automated method for surveying sea cucumbers—drones! The research, published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science, found that drones could be used as a means to count sea cucumbers in shallow environments, as well as a useful survey planning tool for scuba divers and snorkelers in the field.

Lead author Dr. James Kilfoil said, “This project came about after we noticed an abundance of sea cucumbers while doing drone surveys of sharks in Tetiaroa’s lagoon. The sheer number of…

Podcast excerpt of Frank's interview where he shares his experiences with humpback whales as they make their annual migration past the atoll.


Actress Laura Dern speaks up on preserving Tetiaroa Atoll and the implications for coral reef conservation and mitigating climate change.

While the world was shut down due to COVID-19, a team of conservationists saw an opportunity. No travel meant no visitors. The world-renowned Tetiaroa Atoll was quiet. It was time to strike.

A local team of scientists led by the not-for-profit organizations Tetiaroa Society and Island Conservation assembled on island, embarking on a ground-breaking restoration project to save the world the best way they know how—by…

Recently the owners and management of The Brando and Tetiaroa Society decided together to create a cultural site on Motu Onetahi that can be visited and cared for by all of the inhabitants of the island. It will be a site that will be used for welcoming ceremonies and other cultural events. The site contains the remains of six marae (Polynesian worship sites) including the marae created by a famous ancestor Honu'ura, when he named the motu Onetahi.

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