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This has been a very busy stretch for Tetiaroa Society. The guides have been working overtime to keep up with a resort full of guests wanting to get out and see whales and snorkel and enjoy the incredible Spring weather. The Rangers have been supporting field work and cleaning up the old Rimatuu copra village. In the middle of all of this, we had 60 day visitors from all over the Pacific (see article) and everyone was involved in showing them the sustainable infrastructure of the resort and talking about the Tetiaroa Society programs. But, with the news about the impending rat eradication this is just the beginning of a busy and exciting 12 months. Things are happening on Tetiaroa!

Pacific Island Parliament Group on Tetiaroa

Tetiaroa Society and The Brando hosted leaders from 16 different Pacific islands this month for a workshop on Sustainable Tourism. The theme for discussions was the “Blue Economy” focusing on ocean and island resilience and sustainable fisheries.

Parliamentary leaders from American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Easter Island, Hawaii, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Samoa, Tokelau, Vanuatu, and Wallis and Futuna, were joined by the French Polynesia President of the Assembly, Gaston Tong Song, the Mayor of Arue, Philippe Schyle, and the French Polynesia senator Maina Sage.

Tetiaroa Society partners, Institute Malarde and Te Mana o te Moana, were on hand to talk about their work on Tetiaroa. The group showed great interest in technological innovations such as the SWAC, conservation programs on green sea turtles and habitat restoration, and scientific innovations like the mosquito abatement program.

Overall, it was a day of shared goodwill mixed with a concern for the future and a determination to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Pacific islands.



You never see just one Manini. Usually what happens is that you are snorkeling through the lagoon, checking out the odd triggerfish or small schools of damselfish hanging around corals, and then you come around a corner, and this swarm of yellow fish start to whiz by. As the swarm approaches you, it divides into smaller groups to fend off your approach.  Once past, the small groups rejoin and become a single group once more.

As they move near corals other fish dart out to fend them off their territories, and this is for good reason...

More about these fish


In the video, you can see the passing school of Manini being chased off by some Brown Surgeonfish, and later by the Dusky Farmerfish who were stationed over their algal plots. The Manini in this case swam past largely because they were getting chased by a GoPro.

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To all of the people who bought t-shirts:
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T-shirts are still available, and all profits go directly to support research and conservation programs on Tetiaroa Atoll.

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Habitat Restoration Program moves forward

Big news with TS Fundraising this month is that Richard Bailey, CEO of Pacific Beachcomber has offered a major donation towards the Habitat Restoration Program. This will allow Tetiaroa Society and its partner Island Conservation a strong position to search for matching funds to complete funding for rat eradication over the whole of the island.

Invasive rats are pervasive on tropical Islands throughout the world, killing chicks, baby turtles and otherwise wreaking havoc on biodiversity. But on Tetiaroa we have eradicated rats on one small islet and, with your help, will eradicate rats on the entire atoll, helping to save wildlife and restore the natural flora, fauna and biodiversity.

Tetiaroa Society receives generous support from The Brando for our core operations, but our ability to carry out innovative programs depends on your help -- any amount is appreciated!


Tetiaroa Society is a US registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID #45-1080688). We host scientific research, develop and implement conservation and education programs, and curate the island's knowledge base. We partner with The Brando to establish Tetiaroa as a model for sustainability, where businesses, non-profits, scientists, educators and the local community work together for common goals. Our program objectives are summarized in our Conservation and Sustainable Use Plan, which is available on our website.

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