Marae Ceremony to Dedicate the Creation of a Cultural Center on Onetahi

Recently the owners and management of The Brando and Tetiaroa Society decided together to create a cultural site on Motu Onetahi that can be visited and cared for by all of the inhabitants of the island. It will be a site that will be used for welcoming ceremonies and other cultural events. The site contains the remains of six marae (Polynesian worship sites) including the marae created by a famous ancestor Honu'ura, when he named the motu Onetahi.

Intro by Hinano

One of the 6 marae in the area that will become a Cultural Center


The marae here represent the architectural styles of other island groups including: the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Austral Islands, and the Leeward and Windward Society Islands.

Preview marae

This geographical variety is significant because it is physical evidence that backs up other historical information that describes Tetiaroa as a site where ruling families from different island groups would meet to discuss and create alliances.


Last year a number of large Casuarina trees were removed from the site because their roots were beginning to damage the ancient structures.

Preview Hinano patrolling

This month staff from Tetiaroa Society and The Brando, and volunteers from Moorea, spent time cleaning up the site and preparing it for the planting of native trees and shrubs that will create a beautiful shaded place.

volunteer group

The happy group of volunteers


Then everyone was invited to a planting ceremony at sunset where each person was given a shrub or tree to plant around the perimeter of the site.


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The ceremony was concluded with songs and as everyone watched the sun set in the West they were treated to a green flash just as the sun disappeared over the horizon.