Labs Unlocked event at The University of Washington

Preview David Seeley and family

Tetiaroa Society has had a long and productive partnership with the University of Washington, largely because of the support of Tetiaroa Society Board Member David Seeley and his family (Huskies one and all!  David is pictured right with his daughter and wife).

This partnership has resulted in three long-term research programs studying:

  • Ocean Acidification,
  • Shark Population Ecology, and
  • Seabird Conservation (with additional support from UW alumni Ric Anderson and Dan Alexander).


Scientist Aaron Wirsing at the Labs Unlocked event

On January 20, the Labs Unlocked event held at UW College of the Environment's featured this exciting research. It was an interactive, thought-provoking evening where guests learned how UW College of the Environment's faculty and students are developing new ideas and technologies on this remote and pristine location to help safeguard the world's seas and marine life in a changing climate.

Speaker at the Labs Unlocked event.

Amelia talked about seabird research being done on Tetiaroa Atoll.

David Seeley opened the event by sharing how he and his family have helped advance scientific research on Tetiaroa through a strong partnership with UW.

“I had an amazing opportunity to share Marlon Brando’s original vision to have ground-breaking science occur on Tetiaroa Atoll with approximately 75 University of Washington supporters. It's inspiring to see this unique partnership between my family, many scientists from the University of Washington and Tetiaroa Society successfully fulfilling this vision."

"The event created a lot of great interest about the science occurring on Tetiaroa and the strong partnership that exists.”

All about seabirds

Scientists Sarah Converse, Beth Gardner, and Amelia talked about their seabird research.

Following opening remarks, guests were able to learn more about the work being done on Tetiaroa by participating in three different lab stations. They included:

Fighting for the health of our coral reefs

  • Alex Gagnon, faculty, School of Oceanography, Gagnon Labs

Tetiaroa: A seabird paradise

Unlocking the secrets of reef shark nurseries

The research happening on Tetiaroa has far-reaching impacts for conservation and preservation on a global scale. You can support groundbreaking research on Tetiaroa by making your gift online today.