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Rethinking Atoll Futures: local resilience to global challenges

Researcher and principal author Sebastian Steibl combined his experience working on Tetiaroa with observations from other atolls including Palymra and Aldabra. Hinano Teavai-Murphy, Frank Murphy, and Neil Davies joined a host of co-authors for this important paper which makes the argument that atolls can be restored to a natural state and that this will make them resilient to climate change. 

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It started with an Idea

It is my hope that the island will serve as an ecological model... not only a tourist preserve but a marine preserve as well a place for all manner of scientific research and investigation...
- Marlon Brando


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THE MISSION of Tetiaroa Society is to ensure island and coastal communities have a future as rich as their past - strengthening their resilience to global change, by restoring their ecosystems, and preserving their cultures.  

Grounded in experience and action on Tetiaroa, OUR VISION is to weave enlightened values, traditional wisdom, and scientific understanding into a new fabric for our common island home.

CURRENT ACTIONS: Designated by the atoll's owners as the environmental steward of Tetiaroa with authority and responsibility to manage, conserve and protect the entire island, our program objectives are summarized in our Conservation and Sustainable Use Plan. Under that plan, TS develops and carries out conservation and education, hosts scientific research, and curates the island's knowledge-base. We partner with The Brando to introduce resort guests to the nature and culture of the island, and to establish Tetiaroa as a model for island/earth sustainability where businesses and charities work together for the benefit of communities and nature.

Tetiaroa Society has three working partners without which we would not be able to carry out our mission:
The Brando Resort, The Brando Family Trust, and the Commune of Arue.

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Our other local partners:

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