Benoît Stoll

Benoît Stoll has been a lecturer at the University of French Polynesia since 2001, and is currently the head of the Science Department. His research activities focus on the remote sensing of the vegetation cover of the islands of French Polynesia using satellite images, and more recently, on the use of differential GPS positioning and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). He has been working on Tetiaroa since 2014, aiming to build an exhaustive geographical database for scientific and environmental monitoring of the atoll. He has processed the historical aerial and satellite image database (from 1955 on), enlightening the geomorphological dynamic of all the motu of Tetiaroa. He is currently collaborating with the Tetiaroa Society and numerous scientists on the mapping aspects of their databases. He collaborates on the ILM mosquito program, the Te Mana O Te Moana turtle monitoring program and the Tetiaroa Archaeological project, among others.