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Ecostation Reservations

Make your Ecostation reservations through RAMS.

Ecostation Reservations

Once an Application has been submitted, anyone with the Application password is free to make a Reservation through RAMS. There is no need to wait for the Application to be approved.

The only way to make a confirmed Reservation at the Ecostation is through RAMS. Informal discussion of potential dates can be useful but RAMS is the only way to confirm a booking.

Once the Reservation request is received, the Ecostation manager will contact you. Please wait for this confirmation before finalizing your travel arrangements.

A single Reservation can have multiple people arriving and/or departing at different times. After a period when nobody from the group (Application/Project) is at Gump Station, a new Reservation should be submitted for the next stay.


All those using the Ecostation must familiarize themselves with the Station's Code of conduct and condition of use Link and the Internal Regulation of the atoll of Tetiaroa made by our Stakeholder, The Brando. You will find copies of these policies below. You will be required to sign them upon arrival at the station.