Apply for a RAMS account if you do not already have one, login, and select “Tetiaroa Ecostation” from the list of reserves. Reservations can be made immediately online in RAMS once an application has been submitted. There is no need to wait for the SAB decision, although reservations will not be confirmed until the project is approved. Submit your reservation request online via RAMS. You will receive confirmation from the Ecostation management. You do not have a reservation UNTIL you receive this confirmation. Reservations are on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis. At busy periods, you might be asked to modify your plans prior to confirming the reservation. Contact the Ecostation to discuss timing and logistics of visit.

Notes: You will be asked to name at least two potential SAB contacts. The project will be reviewed at the next quarterly SAB meeting. If a sponsor/s has already been identified, they will present the project to the board. If no sponsor has been identified the chair will seek volunteers from their ranks to act as sponsors.

All projects must be approved by consensus of the SAB. Further review, as necessary, will be conducted by the CASUP Committee. Applicants will be notified of the SAB recommendation and the Tetiaroa Society Executive Board decision by email shortly after the meeting. Ongoing projects must submit an Annual Report.

RAMS Reservations Calendar
Select "Tetiaroa Society Ecostation" from the dropdown menu on the linked page.