Base Rate for International Researchers (must register through Gump Station):

  • Meals, lodging, lab use and wifi: $125/day
  • Boat transportation (Tahiti-Tetiaroa-Tahiti): $100 RT

Charge for French Polynesia Based Researchers:

  • Meals, lodging, lab use and wifi: $100/day
  • Boat transportation (Tahiti-Tetiaroa-Tahiti): $100 RT

The fee includes shared use of the Tetiaroa Society boat, which for most users must be driven by a Tetiaroa Society driver. Use of the boat is shared with other researchers and is subject to availability of the TS driver. Those requiring dedicated and extended use of the boat, or wishing to drive it themselves, should contact Tetiaroa Society in advance of their visit. Dedicated use will usually entail an additional fee of $50 per half day.


Additional Fees:

Chemicals may be provided upon request prior to your visit but large quantities may require an additional fee.

Scuba diving is available on site at an extra cost.

Boat transportation departing from Tahiti is available for Tetiaroa Society Ecostation guests at $100 per round-trip (Tahiti-Tetiaroa-Tahiti).

Domestic airplane transportation is available at an extra cost and is subject to availability.