If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

- Henry J. Tillman



housing facilities

Our comfortable, airy living quarters consist of a common area with a kitchenette and an office/workspace.  The facility has sleeping space  for up to 18 scientists and staff in five air-conditioned bedrooms.  
Meals are provided at The Brando staff cantina, a short walk/pedal from the housing facility.  Bicycles are available, and visitors are encouraged to follow the well-paved bike paths and explore the islet, Motu One.

outside the dorm outside the dorm
common room common room
workspace workspace
common area with kitchen common area with kitchen
room with 2 twin beds room with 2 twin beds
room for 4 people room for 4 people


fins, masks and snorkels

go snorkelling go snorkelling
fins fins
sami sami

wet lab

Our wet lab is plumbed with fresh water, surface seawater and deep ocean water and includes an outdoor aquarium.

aquarium in the wet lab aquarium in the wet lab
aquariums aquariums
aquarium aquarium
sea habitat tables sea habitat tables
sea habitat tables sea habitat tables
research-ready research-ready

dry lab

A 40-square-meter air-conditioned dry lab with teaching spaces, workspaces and general lab equipment is available to all researchers.

water samples water samples