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Inspiration from New Zealand

Herehia Sanford

Iorana Herehia

Herehia Sanford


 I just thought about all that inspires me: nature, animals, hiking, sports, surf, people, culture, travelling, and sharing - and ended up here.

Iaorana, my name is Herehia and I am from Tahiti.  I  mostly grew up on Tahiti, but also on the islands of Taha'a and Mo'orea. After earning a BTS in Tahiti, I went to study Business in New Zealand, but during my year and a half there, my interests changed - and so did my goals.  New Zealand's beautiful landscapes, its people, and their strong Maori culture had inspired me, and I returned home to my fenua with a totally different viewpoint.  

I now have great desire to learn more about my culture, my islands, and my people. I am happy to be joining the Tetiaroa Society Team, looking forward to enriching my cultural and scientific knowledge, and sharing my newfound knowledge with others.


  • Herehia - happy to be here

    Herehia - happy to be here

  • Inspiration in New Zealand

    Inspiration in New Zealand

  • On a path...

    On a path...