kealoha wilkes

Kealoha Wilkes



Kealoha Wilkes is a naturalistic guide with a deep passion for the earth and its inhabitants. Tree hugger and wave rider on his spare time, if he is not on one of his outdoor adventure you will find him by the eco-station ready to share with you his love for his home.

I was born in Tahiti, the biggest and most populated of the Island of our five archipelago, the son of a tour guide and an airline company employee. My earliest (and probably among the dearest) memories are of sitting on my father' lap while he was driving the steep road towards Maroto’s hostel. I do believe that this early introduction to the wilderness shaped my life. Thanks to my dear mom we travelled a lot around our 5 archipelagoes and got to experience the cultural and natural patchwork that is really French Polynesia.

After high school, I integrated an « oceanic environment » degree for one year at the University of French Polynesia. Led by my deep interest for the Polynesian Culture and my ease for human contact I decided to join the tourism industry. I realize now, with hindsight, that this was the best path I could have chosen, as it led me to Tetiaroa. I am now working here as a naturalist guide and it is an honour to be part of Tetiaroa Society’s team and to work alongside interesting people who share a bond of love, not only for Tetiaroa and Polynesia but also for the world and its inhabitants.