peppered moray eel

Gymnothorax pictus
Murène poivrée, Murène sidérale
Puhi tiahua

Interesting facts

The Peppered Moray Eel inhabits the shallow intertidal areas of the reef flat - sometimes wriggling over dry land to get to the next pool. It eats small fish and crustaceans.  The species is pale and has purplish flecks. The speckles come together with age. When they are young, they have no stains nor marks and are purple with a white belly. Maximum length in adults is 140 cm. The species is similar to Gymnothorax griseus. When hunting prey on a beach at high tide, they can come out completely out of the water. They can also leap out of the water. The species is dangerous to consume because they are often toxic (ciguatera).