Black Noddy

Tahitian names

Noddi noir

Interesting facts

The Black Noddy is entirely dark brown to black with the exception of the top of its head which is white to silver. It is a small bird with a wingspan of about 70 cm that tends to stay within 20 km of the shore line. These are pack hunters that mostly prey on small fish (including flying fish), zooplankton, and cephalopods near the surface of the water. They build their nests in the trees, shrubs, or occasionally on the ground, but have only been observed in trees (Pisonia grandis and Guettarda speciosa) on the Motu Reiono and Tahuna Rahi. These birds reproduce from November to March and lay cream colored eggs with brown spots that are about 4.6 by 3.3 cm. These eggs are incubated by both the male and female for about 35 days. In 2014 there were between 20 and 30 couples estimated in Tetiaroa.

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