Brown Spotted Sandperch

Parapercis millepunctata
Perche de sable

Interesting facts

The brown spotted sand perch lives on the flats and sandy detritic zones in the lagoon between 10 and 165 feet deep constantly in contact with the ground. It has a long, cylindrical body that is beige with brown spots on top and white spots underneath. Thanks to its strong, crutch like fins, it can keep itself propped up on the lookout for small fish or crustaceans that it will lure in if they wander close. It has large eyes placed on the top of its head that allow it to see all around. This perch defends its territory with vigor and does not hesitate to engage an intruder. However, it is easy to approach this fish, it will slowly return to its shelter if it feels too approached.


Photo Credit: John Hoover