Threadfin Butterfly Fish

Chaetodon auriga
Chaetodon cocher
Pàraha tore

Interesting facts

This butterfly fish eats polyps, invertebrates, algae, and anemones. In order to do this, it has a protractile mouth (it can extend and retract) which allows it to forage in the sand and sediments.Its laterally compressed body is very brightly colored and luminous. It has a filament that protrudes from its spined dorsal fin. It often has ocelli on the back of its body. It is found alone or in groups, but often found in couples. It is not shy. We can find it in the coral reefs in areas sheltered from current. It is very common in Tahiti’s lagoon and other archipelagos. It is rarely found deeper than 100 feet.


Photo Credit: Tetiaroa Society

Photo Crédit G. Paulay