Interesting facts

Three of Tetiaroa’s motus have been studied by archaeologists, with some more interesting findings.

This is what Dr. Guillaume Molle had to say:
 “We have mapped many structures located by Mark Eddowes on Horoatera, Rimatu’u and Tiaraunu. These include some very interesting ones like the archery platform found on Tiaraunu. This kind of structure, which displays a crescent-shaped end, is rare in the Society Islands. Only a dozen of sites are documented. This site was frequented by ari’i nui who came here to prove their strength and mana by shooting arrows in distance. The presence of such archery platforms on Teti’aroa is a strong marker of high-ranked chiefs on the atoll.

“Also of interest is the discovery of a basalt anchor in the court of a marae on Horoatera, located in front of the altar or “ahu.” Ancient Polynesians used to consider the ocean as the primordial marae, a concept that might reveal the symbolic meaning of this artefact disposed in such a sacred place.

“On Rimatu’u, close to the lagoon shore, a large elevated platform of 23 by 4.5 meters, might have served as a tahua ‘ori, a place for dancing. In the vicinity, a freshwater source has been arranged by disposing coral slabs on edge."