Pacific Rosewood

Tahitian names

Miro (S, T, G, A)

Interesting facts

The Miro is a tree with yellow heart shaped leaves. Its high quality wood was and still is used in spears, bludgeons, canoes, ‘umete, and furniture in general. The tree inspired priests since it was the emanation of Roro’o (prior singer), it was thus indispensable for marae. Sacred statues, or idols (ti’i, tiki), were built in pink wood. Its young branches were used for sacred ceremonies: the clergy had them in their hands. It is still used in traditional medicine, and its fruit can treat jellyfish stings among other things.   



Biogeographical status


Life form


Abundance on Tetiaroa

Not Common

Ecosystem on Tetiaroa

mixed forest

sources & credits

S: Society | T: Tuamotu | M: Marquesas | G: Gambier | A: Australs | FP: French Polynesia