Bay cedar

Tahitian names


Interesting facts

The ‘O’uru is a small brush with yellow flowers. These flowers are finer than those of the Miki miki (Pemphis acidula). Just like the Miki miki, it is very resistant to salty environments and can grow in nutrient-poor soil. We generally find it at the edge of the water, on the beaches, in hoa ,and on the oceanic facades. Because of its resistance to salt, its bark is turned into a paste and used for waterproofing canoes. Its wood is used to make hooks and other small objects. The green leaves have medicinal properties, used in baths it can treat dermal problems.

Family Surianaceae
Biogeographical status Indigenous
Life form Shrub
Abundance on Tetiaroa Very common
Ecosystem on Tetiaroa Beach (backshore)
sources & credits

Guide floristique des atolls soulevés des Tuamotu. DIREN, Papeete, Polynésie française


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