lantern tree

Hernandia nymphaeifolia
Arbre aux lanternes
Ti’anina (S, T), Tonina (S), Turina (T, A)

Interesting facts

The ti'anina is a medicinal plant. Its berries and its bark are purgative. The juice of leaves have depilatory properties in order to remove any hairs. The juice is also used in cures to releave fracture pains (ra'au 'arafati). The flesh of coconut crab can become toxic if it eats roots of ti'anina (in Makatea). Fruits also can be used to make jewellery or to decorate "more".



Biogeographical status


Life form


Abundance on Tetiaroa

not common

Ecosystem on Tetiaroa

mixed forest


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Tahiti héritage :



S: Society | T: Tuamotu | M: Marquesas | G: Gambier | A: Australs | FP: French Polynesia