Timonius shrub

Tahitian names

Pairau, Ketoketo & Paketa (T)

Interesting facts


This shrub is found on virtually all the motu of Tetiaroa, this sometimes creates a dense layer of shrub that is difficult to travel across. Its wood is hard and was used to build lances and to remove coconut husk. Apart from this, the plant is not very used in French Polynesia. It seems that it is used in traditional medicines on other islands of the Pacific. The fruit is an inedible, black, berry that birds can eat.

Family Rubiaceae
Biogeographical status native
Life form shrub
Abundance on Tetiaroa common
Ecosystem on Tetiaroa mixed forest
sources & credits

Butaud J.F., 2013. Tuamotu du centre, Guide floristique. Direction de l'Environnement


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