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TETIAROA ATOLL, FRENCH POLYNESIA (May, 2019) – Tetiaroa Atoll is one of those rare secluded places that serve as a refuge for nesting green sea turtles and a variety of seabird species, surrounded by a healthy and ecologically important coral reef and brilliant turquoise lagoon. 
Unfortunately, like other atolls around the globe, Tetiaroa and the coral reefs that support it are at serious risk due to the negative effects of climate change and resource misuse. But there is hope. Local nonprofits Tetiaroa Society and…

A recent 1,500 page U.N. report, the IPBES Global Assessment, delivered grim news for our world’s biodiversity on May 6. The most comprehensive assessment to date found over 1 million species are at risk of extinction and that the current global response is insufficient. The cause of this decline? Humans. We are altering the Earth so drastically that we are threatening the species and ecosystems we depend on for survival.

However, there is hope.


Tetiaroa Society and The Brando Awarded
EarthX's 2019 Eco Organization of the Year Global Impact Award

Nonprofit and eco-luxury hotel provide global model for successful sustainability partnership

April 24-28, Dallas, TX – The environmental nonprofit Tetiaroa Society and the eco-luxury resort The Brando have been awarded the Eco-Organization of the Year Global Impact Award at EarthX 2019, the largest…

Tetiaroa Society recently hosted a group of 16 students and 3 teachers from Lakeside School in Seattle. The group was on a three week study abroad trip and came to Tetiaroa after spending two weeks in Moorea living with host families and working out of the Atitia Cultural Center.

New research from Tetiaroa Atoll, French Polynesia documented predation by invasive rats at main sea turtle nesting sites. Researchers from Te Mana o te Moana have been monitoring green sea turtle nesting on Tetiaroa Atoll since 2007 under the authorization, and with the support of, the Direction de l'Environnement Polynésie Française. 

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